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World Archaeology: Late Prehistory in Europe

donderdag 7 november 2019
De tijd die vermeld staat omvat verzamelen, het college en nagesprek. Maximaal 10 bezoekers.
Maand van het Open Onderwijs
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

World Archaeology 2.1 focuses on the rise of European societies after the Ice Age, before the adoption of writing. Answers will be given to key questions such as: How did global warming transform society? How and why did people become farmers? Ethnicity in Barbarian Europe; who are the Celts? How did massive migrations shaped Europe? David Fontijn will also discuss the rise of “ritual” landscapes and the emergence of hierarchies and social inequality. This lecture gives students basic knowledge on key discoveries, chronology and key sites, and find out how to link these to fundamental concerns of our own time, such as global warming and ethnicity.

The lecture is taught in English to an international audience.

Aanwezige LTA-fellow: Joanne Mol
Contactpersoon voor meer informatie: Nadira Saab

Dit college wordt verzorgd in het kader van november Maand van het Open Onderwijs.

Inschrijving voor dit college is gesloten.

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