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Congres/symposium | Education Coffee Break at Faculty of Science

Keeping attendance up at live streamed lectures

donderdag 28 mei 2020
Virtual Coffee Room

Take a break and get inspired by best practices from colleagues!

This week's topic: Thomas Nagler from the Mathematical Institute developed a remote teaching method for his Statistics for Astronomy class, that is liked very much by his students. The attendance rate for his live lectures is still 80% which is relatively high. During this coffee break he will give a short presentation about how he set up this course, afterwards there will be room for informal questions and discussion.

Join us every Thursday between 11:00 and 11:30!

Get yourself a nice cup of coffee, find a relaxed spot to sit and join us in our Virtual Coffee Room hosted by Pedro Russo, every Thursday at 11:00. You can log onto Kaltura by simply filling in your name and e-mail address.

To the Coffee Room

About the Weekly Science Education Coffee Breaks


Sharing best practices
Transferring all your classes to an online environment is a huge challenge that takes a lot of effort. But, it also triggers a lot of inventiveness and creativity. Good to take a break and get inspired by colleagues from different courses, programmes and departments in the Faculty of Science. To the Coffee Room

Every time a different topic and guest speaker
Every Coffee Break, we will have a different 'Coffee guest' who will share his or her best practice with online education. Afterwards, we will have a Q&A and/or a discussion. The presentations by our Coffee guests will be recorded and made available. View the recordings archive for topics you might have missed.

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