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How to publish your data

dinsdag 23 juni 2020

The benefits and practices of making your research more widely accessible

This workshop is in English.

You’ve completed your research, now what are you going to do with your data?

You may have various reasons to publish your data:

  • To create a suitable solution for supplementary materials
  • To allow others to use data that that you are ‘done with’
  • To facilitate better research through cooperation
  • To enhance your visibility 
  • To meet your funder’s demands 
  • To make your data FAIR

In this workshop we focus on how you can best publish your data to meet the needs that you have.

You can register by sending an email to: datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl

Part I:

What data do you have:

  • Decisions about data selection
  • File formats
  • Sensitive data handling
  • Readme files, file naming and organisation

Which archive to choose

  • Which data repositories are available for your data
  • What would you choose of your own accord if nobody else had any requirements 
  • Does your publisher have any requirements?
  • What does your funder say?
  • What does it cost?


Part II:

In the second part of this session we explain how you can actually upload your data to a selection of data repositories. We show you some examples from several data archives and we will do a mock upload. After that, you will know which steps to take, when you are ready to archive your data.

Those of you who actually have a dataset ready to be archived are invited to stay on if you like to have assistance with the actual uploading and archiving.

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