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Congres/symposium | Education Coffee Break at Faculty of Science

Daily fruits for healthy students: Active thinking with FeedbackFruits

donderdag 18 juni 2020
Virtual Coffee Room

Take a break and get inspired by best practices from colleagues!

This week's topic: Platform Feedbackfruits can be used to make students actively read, react, and learn from assessments from other students. Van Smeden has used this tool for his LUMC students and will also implement it for his BPS students. 

Join us every Thursday between 11:00 and 11:30!

Get yourself a nice cup of coffee, find a relaxed spot to sit and join us in our Virtual Coffee Room hosted by Pedro Russo, every Thursday at 11:00. You can log onto Kaltura by simply filling in your name and e-mail address.

To the Coffee Room

About the Weekly Science Education Coffee Breaks


Sharing best practices
Transferring all your classes to an online environment is a huge challenge that takes a lot of effort. But, it also triggers a lot of inventiveness and creativity. Good to take a break and get inspired by colleagues from different courses, programmes and departments in the Faculty of Science. To the Coffee Room

Every time a different topic and guest speaker
Every Coffee Break, we will have a different 'Coffee guest' who will share his or her best practice with online education. Afterwards, we will have a Q&A and/or a discussion. The presentations by our Coffee guests will be recorded and made available. View the recordings archive for topics you might have missed.

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