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Marine bacteria hold the key to a sustainable future

dinsdag 20 april 2021

During this edition of This Week’s Discoveries you will meet new tenure tracker Lennart Schada von Borzyskowski. Last March, Schada von Borzyskowski joined the IBL as an Assistant Professor.

In his presentation he will talk about the research he did at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, Germany, which he will be continuing here in Leiden.

Marine bacteria hold the key to a sustainable future

At the Max Planck Institute we discovered and characterised a previously unknown cluster of enzymes in marine bacteria, which allows them to thrive in the oceans. This curiosity-driven research, published in Nature, has implications for the global CO2 cycle. Building on this discovery, we applied the novel biocatalysts in metabolic engineering approaches. The enzymes were introduced into biotechnologically relevant bacteria to enable more efficient degradation of the ubiquitous plastic PET. Furthermore, the same enzymes were also introduced into plants, which will enable increased photosynthesis and higher crop yields. Our work shows that research on bacterial biochemistry can yield promising new solutions to global sustainability challenges.

At 13.oo break-out rooms will be available for those who would like to continue the discussion or meet with colleagues.

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