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Regeneration Day - sharing knowledge about regenerative medicine

woensdag 26 mei 2021
Via Teams

Please join us for the second Regeneration Day May 26st from 12.45 p.m. onwards via Teams. Bringing together researcher from the Faculty of Science, LUMC and companies of Leiden BioScience Park in the field of Regenerative Medicine, to foster collaborations, share expertise and establish new partnerships.

The program includes presentations from both faculties on topics ranging from use of Organ-on-Chip for disease modelling and drug development to regenerative therapeutic treatments. We will have topical breakout rooms for networking and we urge all PhDs and postdocs to actively participate and make new connections. Furthermore, for the second time the translational research prize winner will be announced during the day, see below how to apply.  

So please register first so we can send you the program and organise this online afternoon! This event is only open to employees from the LUMC, Faculty of Science, and Leiden Bio Science Park based companies.

Translational Research Prize (€ 5,000)

Do you have a plan to bring your research closer to the patient? This is your chance to win € 5,000 which can be used to perform a small ‘pilot study’ to test the translational potential of your idea. 

Send in a 1-pager with your idea before 1st of May. Download the 1-pager format.

The best ideas will be invited for a 2-minute pitch in front of a jury from Starfish Innovations. The winner will be announced during Regeneration Day.

Starfish Innovations

Starfish Innovations is an investment fund and commercialisation hub that seeks to accelerate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. Founded in 2016 by the Leiden University Medical Centre, Starfish Innovations has built a strong early-stage pipeline of regenerative medicine technologies through the direct access to the promising science at LUMC as well as her global network of academic institutions and industry alike.

Led by a passionate team with strong scientific- and business expertise, Starfish Innovations pilots academic projects from the earliest stages to proof of concept and beyond. Projects are selected based on the potential impact and first strategic funding is provided to demonstrate technical- and/or commercial feasibility. As the project matures further, Starfish Innovations maps out the most effective development strategies for these promising technologies. When milestones are met and projects are completed successfully, Starfish Innovations either supports the project team in establishing a spin-off company or ensures the further commercialisation of the results through third party transactions. 

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