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Development of healthy food additives using data science

  • Lindsey Burggraaff
dinsdag 4 mei 2021

In February, Lindsey Burggraaff won the Krijn Rietveld Memorial Innovation Award for her research into bioactive substances in food. ‘Burggraaff's work is situated at a unique intersection of data science, biochemistry and the fields of food and nutrition,’ according to the jury.

Development of healthy food additives using data science

Natural bioactives can improve well-being when used as additive in food products. For example, a natural substance in the margarine brand Becel ProActiv benefits blood cholesterol levels. Although such additives can promote a healthy diet, the search for new natural bioactives can be challenging as it is often unclear which substances are bioactive and what effect they will exert. As a solution, machine learning models were developed to enable the identification of novel bioactives for the Sodium-Glucose Linked Transporter proteins. These proteins are involved in glucose uptake and can therefore be targeted in the treatment of diabetes type 2. The identified SGLT bioactives contribute to the development of food products that support a diabetes type 2 diet.

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