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Liveable planet lunch meeting - Duurzaamheid & Recht

donderdag 18 november 2021
Online in Teams

You are invited to join us for the seventh lunch meeting of the Liveable Planet programme lunch series. This lunch meeting will be presented online (see Teams link at the bottom of this page).



Short introduction | all webcams on 


Dr. Rogier Kegge will take the stage for his presentation, see details below. The presentation will be followed by an opportunity to discuss the topic and ask questions.

Sustainability and Law

Law plays an important role in many sustainability issues. Sometimes law provides solutions, but often it does not (yet). Within the Faculty of Law, several initiatives are being developed to incorporate sustainability into teaching and research. The clearest example is the lecture series 'Sustainability and Law', which takes place each year. We want to raise more awareness among students on the role of law in sustainability issues. Does the Urgenda case really have an effect? Can a programmatic approach in environmental law solve the nitrogen crisis? At what level should transboundary environmental problems be addressed? How do judges deal with lack of support and resistance in local communities in the context of the energy transition?

Rogier Kegge is an assistant professor in the field of administrative law and environmental law. Before working at the University Leiden, he was employed as a lawyer at the Dutch Council of State. He was involved in several major environmental cases, like the construction of the Second Maasvlakte and The Programmatic Approach Nitrogen. His recent research focuses on the precautionary principle and risk regulation in environmental law, especially nature conservation law.  

Rogier will introduce several initiatives on sustainability within the Faculty of Law. In addition, he will explain how sustainability is integrated into regular courses. By case-driven assignments, students are confronted with several sustainability issues and the complex legal questions that go along with it.

Liveable communities – Liveable Planet

The Liveable Planet programme is one of the eight interdisciplinary programmes that were launched at Leiden University in 2020

Leiden’s Liveable Planet programme aims to combine scientific, policy, socio-cultural and historical/archaeological research at Leiden University into coherent research with which we can tackle the major challenges of a transition to a habitable planet with ecological sustainability. The programme will  serve as a hub for the wide range of relevant research carried out within Leiden University and welcomes interaction with colleagues interested in contributing to the initiative within as well as outside of Leiden University.

Liveable communities – Liveable Planet

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