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“How to Reprohack”

woensdag 1 december 2021
De voertaal van de workshop is Engels
Online via Zoom

During a ReproHack, participants try to reproduce published research of their choice from a list of publications with open access data and code. Participants give feedback to the authors on a number of aspects including reproducibility, transparency and reusability. It is a learning experience for the participants, who can apply what they learnt when publishing their own research, and for the authors of the papers who get their work test-driven by other scientists.

In this workshop you will make first steps towards organizing your own ReproHack (for your group, institute, faculty or university). We will start the session by reproducing a paper in a live-coding session to get a feel for what Reprohack is all about from a participant's perspective. In the second part of the workshop, we will work our way through several worksheets that will help you with the organizational and technical aspects of a ReproHack. We will leave enough room for discussion and to exchange ideas between participants to make this workshop as interactive as possible.

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