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vrijdag 18 februari 2022
De voertaal van het Data Management Netwerk is Engels.
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Last December, the University Board adopted the updated Data Management Regulations. In this network meeting during the international ‘Love data week’, Fieke Schoots will lead the discussion on the regulations and their implications for your work, your researchers and your faculty. Join us for a discussion on the next steps and the services and support needed to elaborate faculty and institutional data protocols.

You can read the Regulations online.

The template for a faculty / institutional data protocol is available in the Network’s MSTeams site.


  • Brief introduction round for new members of the network (10 mins)
  • What is new in the regulations, the process and what has become of the network’s input (Fieke; 10 mins)
  • Next steps: the data protocol.
  • Questions to and from the audience: (30 mins, All)
    • What do you find particularly challenging when it comes to developing a data protocol for your faculty or institute?
    • Who should be involved?
    • What services or support are needed?
    • What would be the ideal process?
    • Can we collaborate on guidance to the template?
  • Any other business…. (10 mins)

Bringing together first-line and second-line support members of the Data Management Network to discuss, exhange, and learn about RDM-related developments.

Network members can post a suggestion in the Network’s MSTeams space, or write to datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl, if they have a topic they would like to discuss.

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