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Leidse AI-Week

LDE AI Mixer on disinformation and fake news

woensdag 7 september 2022
Museum Boerhaave
Lange Sint Agnietenstraat 10

The Convergence AI Mixers bring together the brightest minds from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University with thought leaders from industry and society to explore pressing AI challenges. In an informal setting these experts exchange views and interact with the audience to find critical pathways for AI research and innovation. The first edition of the AI Mixers will be hosted in Museum Boerhaave in Leiden and be themed: Disarming disinformation with AI

Disinformation, or the act of intentionally spreading false or misleading information to influence public opinion, has become an issue that affects all of us, on a daily basis. Can you still trust the news? What about messages on social media platforms? Are those from real, actual people, or do they come from government-funded ‘troll factories’ that mass-produce false profiles and misleading messages?

With: João Fernando Ferreira Gonçalves (EUR), Suzan Verberne (LU) & Natalia Kadenko (TUD)


13.00-13.30 Reception/Foyer

13.30-15.30 Program/ Congress

15.30-16.00 Speed guided tour of exhibition in Boerhave museum (English)

16.00-17.00 Borrel/ Foyer

If you would like to register, please send your interest via email to Alexander Mouret: a.mouret@luris.nl

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