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Connect & Learn: How a large, complex, sensitive dataset is managed for long-term access and use

maandag 13 maart 2023
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YOUth is a large scale, longitudinal cohort following nearly 4,000 Dutch children in their development from pregnancy until early adulthood. The cohort study is a collaboration between Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht and collects a large amount of sensitive data. The data constitute many formats, including questionnaires, 3D-ultrasound sweeps of the foetal brain, eyetracking, EEG, (f)MRI, computer tasks, cognitive measurements and parent-child observations.

From the start of the study, YOUth has placed great emphasis on Open Science and FAIR research data, and therefore aims to make most of their data available for reuse. For this purpose, they have developed (in close collaboration with Utrecht University Library and Utrecht University IT services) a data infrastructure that facilitates secure storing and sharing of complex and sensitive data, called Yoda.

Yoda has now been adopted across Utrecht University and other universities. Recently, YOUth added a Data Request Module to Yoda, streamlining the data request procedure for researchers, data managers and reviewers.

In this presentation, Coosje Veldkamp (project manager YOUth), Ron Scholten (data manager YOUth) and Jelmer Zondergeld (developer ICT) will tell us about the rationale and development process of Yoda and the data request module, with a live demonstration of the module.

The main session will last one hour with extra time allocated for asking questions and continuing the discussion with those who wish to stay a bit longer. Please contact datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl if you are not a member of the Research Data Management Community and would like to attend.

About Connect & events

This event is part of the “Connect and …” series of meetings arranged by, and for, the Leiden University Research Data Management Community. The meetings take around the middle of the month, every month, at different days and times, so as to maximize access according to people’s different working hours. Topics and speakers are proposed by members of the Community.

You can post a suggestion in the Community's MSTeams space, or write to datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl, if you have a topic you'd like to discuss in a future meeting and the CDS team will help to make it happen.

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