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Lezing | Tuesday Talks: Science Insights

How to develop cancer drugs with less side effects

dinsdag 9 april 2024
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Atrium, 1st floor

Tuesday Talks: Science Insights is de maandelijkse dosis onderzoeksinspiratie van Leiden Science, van onze medewerkers, voor onze medewerkers en alle andere nieuwsgierigen.

De voertaal voor deze lezingenserie is Engels

How to develop cancer drugs with less side effects

Cancer is a widespread disease, and anticancer treatments come with their load of side effects. One way to treat cancer with less side effect is to use locally activated prodrugs. Prodrugs activated by visible light irradiation of the tumor using a laser are very promising and already in the clinics, where it has demonstrated great antitumor efficacy and way lower side-effects for patients than conventional treatments. However, the clinically approved light-activated cancer treatment, called photodynamic therapy, is based on O2 activation in the tumor tissue. Sometimes this O2-based mechanism does not work, particularly in tumors where the O2 concentration is low. Photodynamic therapy may also generates tissue necrosis, which is efficient to treat the tumor but leads to and inflammation and tissue clearance.

Light activation by rupture of a chemical bond 
Bonnet’s group develops ruthenium-based photoactivated chemotherapy, a type of light-activated anticancer molecules that are activated by rupture of a chemical bond. In the prodrug, interactions with biomolecules such as DNA or proteins is hindered by a photocleavable protecting group. Upon light irradiation, this group is removed, thereby regenerating the biologically active compound capable to destroy a tumor. The development of these kind of drugs requires chemical synthesis but also photochemical and photobiological studies in vitro and in vivo. All take great advantage of the interdisciplinary environment available at the Faculty of Science.

About the speaker

Sylvestre Bonnet is a professor at Leiden University. He has over 15 years of experience in bioinorganic chemistry and photochemistry and develops light-activated anticancer drugs. The Bonnet lab focus in particular on how light-activated drugs work under hypoxia, a low-O2 condition in tumor that is particularly challenging to treat. Bonnet’s research is highly interdisciplinary, and combines synthesis of metal-containing (pro)drugs, in vitro studies under normoxia and hypoxia, and in vivo studies of the biosafety and antitumor efficacy of the prodrugs.

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