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Kunst en vrije tijd - Beeldende kunst

Korean Painting Series -Drawing an Orchid (English spoken)

Thursday from 15:30-18:00 h

Kelly Jang

For whom
All levels welcome (minimum age: 17)

Traditional Korean painting is a treasure of symbolism and profound meaning,
particularly in its ability to encapsulate the essence of various seasons and spiritual
concepts through art. Our journey into this rich tradition begins with Sagunja, or the
Four Scholars-Four Plants Painting, serving as our foundation in understanding
Korean art.

Originating from the writings of scholars, Sagunja transformed their calligraphic
prowess into visual representations symbolizing both the season and spirit. In our
class, we embark on this practice by drawing an Orchid, a symbol of fragrance.
Furthermore, we delve into the Oriental orchid, cherished by Confucius himself,
This exploration adds a ‘summer special’ touch, enriching our understanding of this
revered scholar's affinity for nature's mysteries, elegantly portrayed on a traditional
Korean fan.

Engaging in Sagunja practice offers a harmonious fusion of poetry, calligraphy, and
visual artistry. Join us in this captivating journey as we unlock the beauty and depth
of traditional Korean painting, one stroke at a time.

The course is divided into 4 workshops of 2.5 hours:
lesson 1. Learning of The Story of Orchid in Korean Painting: Practice various lines
related to Orchid
lesson 2. Practice Flower Petals & combine them with leaves
lesson 3. Practice Ink and color & outline vs. one stroke
lesson 4. Final Work on the Korean Fan

Materials are present during the lessons. For practicing at home you have to buy the materials yourself. You can ask the teacher for advice about the materials.

Kelly Jang
Education: Ph.D. study in Oriental Painting and Philosophy at the Graduate School
of Hongik University in Seoul, Korea—the professional artist with 19 solo exhibitions
in Korea and Europe. In 2021, she started her Korean painting studio in Amsterdam.
Also, she offers Korean Painting workshops all over The Netherlands, for instance,
Kunstinstituut Melly, at Leiden University, and the Korean Culture Festival by the
Korean Embassy. More about Kelly: https://www.studiok-art.nl/our-instructors

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