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Kunst en vrije tijd - Beeldende kunst

Korean Painting In & Out | English spoken

Saturday from 13:00-16:00 h

Kelly Jang

Everybody welcome
All welcome (minimum age: 17 years)
This course is given in English!

This unique Korean Painting Workshop will start with a short meditation and breath control exercise, followed by a primary line drawing with different breathing methods.
You will learn how to hold the brush and be aware of your body posture in relation to this drawing technique.
Throughout the entire process, you will be in flow mode, which will help you connect with your inner self.

This traditional Korean painting technique started with scholars in the sixteenth century. By observing nature closely and finding essential meaning, they discovered the cosmos in the appearance of plants. They could draw the character's most simple but full-featured appearance.
We may not be able to master this Korean painting technique right away in this workshop; however, we will learn the fundamental principles, including calmness and concentration. This experience has healing effects; hopefully, you will be left with imprints of mindful moments and new inspiration.

The course is divided into 4 workshops of 2,5 hours:
lesson 1. Bamboo
lesson 2. Chrysanthemum
lesson 3. Orchid
lesson 4. Plum Blossom

Kelly Jang
Education: Ph.D. study in Oriental Painting and Philosophy at the Graduate School
of Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. The professional artist with 18 solo exhibitions
in Korea and Europe. In 2021, she started her Korean painting studio in Amsterdam.
Also, she offers Korean Painting workshops all over The Netherlands, for instance,
Kunstinstituut Melly, at Leiden University, and the Korean Culture Festival by the
Korean Embassy. More about Kelly: https://www.studiok-art.nl/our-instructors

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