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Veranderingen binnen het Faculteitsbureau Archeologie

16 oktober 2020


In the coming months, the Faculty of Archaeology will restructure its financial services to provide improved support in a number of specialist functions. In the past, the Faculty of Law delivered this professional support to FdA, but recently we have worked with just one, single Controller.

With the arrival of the new Operational Manager, Niels Laurens, FdA will embark on a more intensive collaboration with the Finance Department of FGGA. The decision to strengthen support, by introducing a Project Controller to supplement the existing Controller position, should ensure that FdA has continuing, expert financial support.

Unfortunately, we are going to say goodbye to Edwin de Ruijter. He will be leaving FdA at the end of the calendar year. Recruitment for a new Controller will start next week. FGGA’s Project Controller, Pascal van Leeuwen, will likely be working with Edwin in the coming months to round off the year.

Human Resources

As of 1st February, 2021, Alexia Buurman will be FdA’s new HR Advisor. Alexia currently works as an HRM Policy Manager for an extensive umbrella organization in the field of secondary education. She will first complete her current projects there, before starting at FdA.

Désirée Le Large ends her term as interim HRM Advisor on 30th October. To cover the period between the end of October and beginning of February, the Faculty Board has recruited an interim Personnel Advisor, Anita Lacroix who will be with us from 21st October.

Mariska Rol will work half days at FdA as a Junior HR Advisor from 1st November, 2020. The rest of her time will be dedicated to FGGA.

The collaboration between FGGA and FdA in the area of HRM will also intensify in the coming year. We hope this will upgrade the quality of support and improve the service offered.

Please note that the PSSC Service Point continues to be the go-to point for routine HRM enquiries.

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