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Nieuwe gezichten bij het Faculteitsbureau Archeologie

1 februari 2021

Human Resources

As of February 1, Alexia Buurman will be our Faculty’s new HR Advisor. She will be available for our faculty for 4 days a week. Anita Lacroix has worked with us as an interim Personnel Advisor, and will do so until February 15. She will make sure Alexia finds her way in our faculty.

Mariska Rol started last November and works half days at Archaeology as a Junior HR Advisor. She will support Alexia and staff members on HR issues.
Please note that the Administrative Shared Service Centre (ASSC) continues to be the go-to point for routine HRM enquiries (staff regulations, working conditions and personnel changes).

The Service Point is open on work days from 9:00 to 16:30 and can be reached via helpdesk.universiteitleiden.nl or by phone via 071 527 5555.


In the past months the Faculty of Archaeology has restructured its financial services to provide improved support in a number of specialist functions. 

Lychinta Zichem started in December as our new Controller. The faculty also introduced a Project Controller, Pascal van Leeuwen, to supplement the existing Controller position. You can contact Pascal for enquiries on project management and project control. 

See for more information the website of the Faculty Office.

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