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Snel weer toegang hebben tot je mails

15 juni 2021

On Monday June 14th, the mailboxes of the Faculty of Archaeology were transferred to Exchange Online. Some users are currently experiencing issues in accessing their e-mails. To swiftly regain access to your mailbox, go to Office.com. Here you log in with [ULCN account name]@vuw.leidenuniv.nl and your password. After login you may be asked to insert a multifactor autorisation code via your authenticator app or sms.

After a successful login you will find Outlook in the left menu. For a full explanation, please see the previous announcement.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ISSC Helpdesk (071-527 8888) when experiencing issues. You may also visit the Service Desk with your mobile device to receive help with its reconfiguring.

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