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Nieuwe co-auteurschapsrichtlijnen voor de Faculteit der Archeologie

7 juli 2021

At the Faculty of Archaeology, in recent years a number of incidents related to issues of authorship occurred that called for explicit guidelines. A basic set of Faculty co-authorship guidelines, applicable to ‘humanities’, ‘heritage’ and ‘science’ types of archaeological research, is now available. These guidelines are a tool, aiming to help authors to define who’s ‘in’ and who’s not. It is recommended to act in the spirit of the Faculty guidelines, even when participating in a publication initiated by an external party.

The guidelines are valid per June 1, 2021, and will be evaluated after one year, in June 2022, within the Faculty PhD- and postdoc community and senior staff. 

You will find the new guidelines under the research section of the policies and guidelines website.

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