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Nieuws uit de Faculteitsraad Archaeologie

5 juli 2021

Memo research environment

Over the past months, members of staff have approached the FR with concerns about the impact of new policy on the research environment at the FdA, as well as suggestions for improvement. The FR has highlighted these issues in a memo to the FB, and discussed these concerns with the FB in a recent meeting. Based on this memo and the discussion, the FB has now proposed several changes to the Parameters model which should alleviate some of these issues. We will keep you posted and remain open for further feedback.

Approval procedures

The summer is traditionally the moment when a lot of approval procedures take place for official documents. This year is no exception: the FR has recently approved the new co-authorship guidelines, and the Leerstoelplan. Moreover, the approval procedure for the new Faculty Regulations is ongoing. All three documents have seen extensive discussion over the past year(s) and will hopefully contribute to a better, safer, and inspiring working environment at the FdA.

Furthermore, the FR is currently preparing the approval procedures for the new OER, the KA and NPO expenditures, as well as the annual budget. Our primary concern for the KA  and NPO is the the proposed plans are efficient and aim for improvement of the quality of education and student well-being. 

Open Office Hour

We are planning another open office hour for staff and students. We will communicate a date at a later stage!

The open office hour is an opportunity for the Faculty Community to get in touch and discuss ongoing policy at the FdA, or any relates issues. We use pass on your feedback in our conversations with the Faculty Board.

Finding our memos and decisions

In case you wish to read our memos to the FB and various other university bodies, or would like to keep up to date with recently approved policy, all of the FR memos and decisions are published on our webpage. You can also find the annual report and the minutes or our internal meetings and meetings with the FB there.

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