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Verplichte training voor archeologisch veldwerk in hoge-risicogebieden

29 november 2021

In case you need to travel to countries or areas that are deemed unsafe by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (color-code orange or red), you will need prior permission from the International Incidents Team (IIT) on behalf of the Executive Board. The decision about whether to approve your trip is based on a risk assessment. You may have to satisfy certain conditions, such as drawing up a safety plan.

One compulsory condition of obtaining permission is that you take a three-day ‘hostile environment awareness training’ (HEAT) training course or basic safety and security training before you start your trip. (The training is not required if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice states that the region’s orange classification is because of Covid-19, and without Covid-19 it would have been classified as yellow.) You must have gained your certificate from this training no more than 7 years before the trip start date. You can register for the course by sending an e-mail to veiligheidszaken@bb.leidenuniv.nl, stating your name and the SAP number that will pay for the training. The Safety Department will register you.


Please note that the costs of this training are €1700 per person. These costs should be charged to the research project you are involved in (and thus also taken into account when applying for new funding). However, since this training obligation is relatively new, not all projects will have the financial space to cover these costs. If you have questions regarding the cost, please contact our financial controller Lychinta Zichem.

More information about traveling to high risk areas.

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