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Wie benader je met HR vragen bij Archeologie?

27 januari 2022

Starting February 1, the Faculty of Archaeology's HR department can be reached via this new e-mail address: HR@Arch.leidenuniv.nl. Administrative and basic HR queries may be directed at the PSSC, while complex questions may be sent to the Faculty's HR department. 

Please see the overview below to get a detailed picture of what questions can be sent to whom. If you are still unsure whom to contact, you may run this by the secretary of your department. The management assistant will refer you to the right place. 

Whom to contact?

HR advisors support and advise managers on personnel policies. If you have any questions on staff regulations, working conditions and personnel changes, please contact the PSSC first. Depending on your question, they can refer you to your HR advisor.

You can contact the HR advisor with complex questions about:

  • Collective Labour Agreement (CAO)
  • Personnel changes (complex questions)
  • Secondment 
  • Sick leave
  • Leave
  • P&D interview 
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Resignation

The Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC) manages the University’s personnel administration. One of the facilities of the PSSC is the Service Point. You can contact the PSSC Service Point with any questions about staff regulations, working conditions and personnel changes.

You can contact PSSC with administrative questions about:

  • Your appointment  
  • Personnel changes (administrative questions)
  • Employer’s statement   
  • Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model  
  • Salary 
  • Leave 
  • Reporting illness and recovery 
  • HR systems: Service Portal / SAP Self-Service / e-Recruitment / App Inhuur / BusinessObjects / SAP HR

Not sure who to contact with your question? Please contact the secretariat of your department. The management assistant can refer you to the correct department.

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