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Nieuw vakevaluatiesysteem voor Archeologie

12 oktober 2023

Starting this month, the Faculty of Archaeology will switch to a new course evaluation system, following a decision by the Faculty Board at the end of 2022. The main reason for this is the low response rates in course evaluations over the past years, as well as the questionable quality of these responses.

The new course evaluation system will consist of the following characteristics:

  • Only a selection of courses will be evaluated, instead of all courses;
  • New questions and queries will be developed, for example about internships and practicals;
  • A pilot project will investigate which query methods are most fitting. This pilot will start right away, already for the courses of the first block. Teaching staff involved in the courses that are included in the pilot will be contacted in the week of October the 16th. 

Query methods that are being investigated for suitability:

  • Evaluation as the final component of an ANS on campus exam
  • Evaluation on paper, at the end of an exam
  • Via Brightspace
  • Via an e-mail sent out to the students by LLInC (the method that was used exclusively until now)

Teaching staff will be contacted if their action is required.

Do you have any questions? Please reach out to Micaela de Vries.

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