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Private lessons for guitar and ukelele | English spoken

Thursday afternoon, between 15:00-19:00 h (30 minutes per lesson), See schedule in registration link. Start 19 Sep

Junhyung An (JUNA)

For whom
From complete beginner to advanced (Conservatory students level) in the most of genres.
Guitar and Ukulele in beginner to intermediate level.

Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funky, Soul, R&B, Classic, Music theory and Improvisation on guitar 

Over longer than a decade time, JUNA developed testified methods to help guitarists in many different ways. Juna is specialized in technical coaching, enlarging chordal vocabularies, developing insight mastery on fretboard, Improvisation methods, harmonies and voice leadings, rhythm and groove mastery, extended techniques, bridging between theories and practical playing among other things. 
Further, he'd like to convey methodology regarding how to practice and how to develop the audibility to have better insight in music. 
In the end, the confirmation of improvement and acquiring the capability to play their favorite songs (or genres) are what keep student motivating the most. After diagnosing what students need to work on the most, reflecting on students’ learning goal surly, JUNA conducts the lessons with few focal tasks. 

Born and raised in Busan, South Korea, JUNA (Junhyung An) relocated to the Netherlands after he got accepted to study jazz guitar at Codarts, the Rotterdam Conservatory. In 2007, He moved to Rotterdam and began his study. JUNA has been hailed by the faculty members of the Jazz guitar department at his study time as “Korean guitar guru, young virtuoso”, and is “a great technician with real musicianship”, according to Hein van de Geyn ᅳ a jazz bass virtuoso who was the chairman of jazz department at Codarts, that time.
As if he was coming up to all the teacher’s expectations already, JUNA won a prize from DGA (Dutch guitar award) in 2009, at the age of 21.
After his master graduation with the highest mark in his time 2014, JUNA was immediately accepted as a doctoral artistic researcher of the docARTes program at Orpheus institute (Gent, Belgium) and the “academy of creative and performing arts” department of Leiden University. With an honor, he was the first guitarist-candidate to the program from the jazz field. Since 2014, he has been carrying on his research on creating a translation of the Korean traditional instruments’ phrase articulation technique and an embodiment in the contemporary guitar playing method.
After his debut album, “Dreams and Phantasms” was created in 2014 with his quintet, JUNA has been presenting his performing artistry through the stages in Europe and Asia. As his guitar mastery offers versatility, he has been invited to perform not only jazz repertoire but also in other setup of ensembles from pop and electronic music genres.
From 2019, JUNA created his solo guitar-ambient music project in which he presents his distinctive style of “two handed-tapping on the guitar fret board” in combination with improvisation skill among other extended techniques. Simultaneously, he is leading and participating to some of newly formed jazz projects with many prestigious musicians such as Bert van den Brink.

“Through his composing, his special way of playing and great musicality, he is moving a stone in the water.” ᅳ Bert van den Brink.

“I dare from the bottom of my heart and with full conviction that Junhyung An is a very special musician of world class.” ᅳ Wim Timmermans

Of course, I do not want to neglect the joy part of the guitar lesson and practice. There are diverse repertoires that I personally chose for each level of playing and tasks. I also love to involve the students’ taste in repertoire selection as long as it matches with the practice task. 

For beginners, 
''I’d like to encourage you not to be afraid and not to worry. Throughout my teaching career, I’ve been helping out a lot of students who were once at “beginner level”. And I must say, they and I made something great out of classes. If you have passion and consistency to carry on practice, I’ll guide you to be friend with this “beginner-unfriendly-instrument”.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/juna_hyung/
Website : https://junaverse.nl/

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlL4kPSzShY

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