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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the coronavirus outbreak. You can suggest topics that need to be addressed in these FAQs. Please contact us at our usual email addresses and phone number(s).

That differs per embassy. Some embassies and consulates are open or will reopen (in part). These had been closed in recent months due to the coronavirus. More information is available on the website netherlandsandyou.nl.
Some people can make an appointment to collect the mvv sooner than others. You will possibly have priority if you belong to one of the exception categories of the EU entry ban. For example if you are a family member of a Dutch citizen. Or if you have an essential function or need. Knowledge migrants and students are also given priority.

From 1 July 2020, you may enter the Netherlands again if you live in one of the countries to which the entry ban does not apply. Do you live in a country to which the entry ban does apply? Then you may only travel to the Netherlands if there is an exception for you.
More information is available on https://ind.nl/en/pages/coronavirus.aspx

From 1 July 2020, residents of these countries are allowed to travel to the Netherlands again:
Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China. Residents of China are only allowed to enter the Netherlands if China lets in EU citizens again.
For residents of these countries the normal conditions for entry and residence in the Netherlands apply. 

Please note that entry bans can change on a regular basis. This website is not daily updated. 
Most recent information is available on https://ind.nl/en/pages/coronavirus.aspx (section access to the Netherlands).

No, the IND is closed for these services until further notice. The IND will re-use your Biometrics if you are already in the IND database. SCIS will inform you when you can pick up your new residence card. This is due to the government's measures against the coronavirus.

SCIS can only make an appointment at an IND desk for Biometrics for internationals who need to collect their first regular residence document. The condition for this is that the international has travelled to the Netherlands with a Regular Provisional Residence Permit (mvv).
We will upload any formal letters from the IND to the document section under “Your registration”.  The “letter of acknowledgement” will offer you proof of legal residence in writing.

There are two types of health insurance in the Netherlands: basic health insurance (in Dutch: basisverzekering) and private insurance (in Dutch: privéverzekering). There are rules governing which kind of insurance you will need. For more information, see Health Insurance.

Basic health insurance
Zorg and Zekerheid (Z&Z) is Leiden University’s preferred supplier of basic health insurance. Information on their coverage is likely to be the same as for other basic health insurers, but if you have a different insurer and are currently staying outside the Netherlands, it is wise to check the terms and conditions of your insurer.

Medical costs while in the Netherlands:
All medical costs insured in the basic health insurance are covered. You will have to pay an excess (in Dutch: eigen risico) of €385 yourself.

Medical costs while staying outside the Netherlands:
Your basic health insurer will pay medical costs up to the rate that applies in the Netherlands. If you are outside the Netherlands, you will have to pay the excess of €385 yourself.

If you have additional insurance (in Dutch: aanvullende verzekering) and your costs exceed the Dutch 100% rate, these will also be covered unless:

  • You are in an area that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated as a red zone in its colour-coded advice.
  • The travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an area abroad where you are currently staying changes to red, but you do not return to the Netherlands.

In case of planned hospitalisation, always apply in advance to Zorg en Zekerheid or check the terms and conditions if you have a different insurer.

If you are on a business trip, medical costs that exceed the Dutch rate will be covered by the University’s travel insurance.

Private health insurance
AON Complete + is Leiden University’s preferred private health insurance supplier.

AON covers your actual medical costs regardless whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad. All your medical costs are fully covered. You do NOT have to pay an excess.

- If you have AON complete + Insurance and are already in an area that has been designated as a red or orange zone in the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your actual medical costs will be covered

If you are an international non-earning staff member and travel to an area that has been designated as a red or orange zone in the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your actual medical costs will not be covered.

If you are on a business trip, medical costs not covered by your health insurance are covered by the university's travel insurance.

Yes, it is still possible to register at Leiden and The Hague Municipality.

Please contact your supervisor about a suitable starting date in The Netherlands.

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