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Leer de studentkandidaten voor de Faculteitsraad kennen

5 april 2024

From 22 to 25 April 2024 the university elections will take place. In these elections the student delegation in the Faculty Council of Archaeology will be decided. When the elections start, all students will receive an e-mail with a link to the election module.

Meet the Faculty Council student candidates!

I am a master's student following the global archaeology track here at Leiden University, having completed my bachelor's degree in world archaeology at Leiden as well. I am an internation student, splitting my time between Italy and The Netherlands. I currently hold the position of student member of the Faculty Council this school year, and I would be very excited to be elected again. During the 2023-2024 year, I have focused on education, mental health, and student safety, especially in terms of fieldwork. I would love to continue with this and see how I can take the work that I did this past year further. In the coming year, I would like to focus particularly on the premasters course and mental health and wellbeing, as I think this topic doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it should.

I’m currently still a premaster - with a BA in History and Anthropology - on my way to start an MSc in digital archaeology. I‘m studying archaeology for the same reason many of you are: “it was my childhood dream”, and I‘m looking forward to fulfilling that dream during the next year. On that account, I’m determined and highly motivated to listen to the student body and bring on changes where needed.

I have previous experience as a student council member - including with this faculty - having spoken for both bachelors, pre-masters, and neurodivergents (I have autism myself) on several occasions already. On top of that I have been both a student and a teacher in the past. Therefore, I feel like I have the ideal experience needed to constructively voice faculty-related problems with the university. One of main goals is bringing on positive change for all students; embracing academic progression, re-evaluating faculty potential, and inclusivity.

I am currently a premaster student, but plan on doing the MSc in material culture starting next September. While I have not been a student here for very long, I would like to try my best to improve the life of all the students (or at least the ones in the archaeology faculty), whose voices are in my opinion not heard enough, while they are effected the most by the university’s decisions.
I have previous experience as a member of the education committee of my previous bachelor, as well as similar experiences on other councils. Which I hope will help me in aiding the students where needed, through work at the faculty council.

I am Research MSc student combining concepts and methodologies from Heritage and Digital archaeology track. As an international student that has gone through the BA program, here, in Leiden, I have experienced the Faculty through pre and post pandemic time. I decided to apply for the candidacy to address the relationship between education and student needs. As a student with both ADHD and dyslexia, I have realised with the educational progress from one level to another, being from High School to BA program, or from BA to MA programs, require significant jumps in the educational requirements and demands. Such demands, while logical and essential, if not addressed for the needs of all students might create feelings of exclusivity. Addressing such issues and understanding the specific program demands early on in the academic trajectory of all students, I believe, facilitates a better education environment that places student needs in the forefront. 

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