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Public interview with Russian film critic Anton Dolin

  • Anton Dolin
donderdag 19 januari 2023
Lipsius building, Room 2.28

In the suffocating embrace of state support and ever-increasing censorship, contemporary Russian cinema has become a peculiar unity of opposites. Protest turns out to be inseparable from compromise, “marketability” in Europe is inseparable from the painful search for a national, cultural and historical code. On February 24, 2022, the thirty-year history of post-Soviet cinema ended. What will happen next? Interviewed by Otto Boele, film critic Anton Dolin will attempt to answer this question.

Anton Dolin is a well-known film critic who writes regularly for the independent news website Meduza. In 2017 he became editor-in-chief of Iskusstvo kino, one of the oldest and most prestigious film magazines in Russia. He resigned from his post following the Russian invasion in Ukraine and then moved to Latvia.

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Anton Dolin
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