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Kunst en vrije tijd - Schrijven

An introduction to life-story writing (English spoken)

Monday from 19:00-21:00 h (with homework assignments)

Carolyn van Es-Vines

For whom
Life story writing isn’t just for celebrities....

Everybody loves a story, especially one that ends happily ever after. But if you’re like most people you probably feel like life is anything but a fairy tale. You're also probably thinking, “My life isn’t interesting enough to write about.”
... or just for professional writers...

In fact, you don't have to be an experienced or even a good writer to tell your life story. The only requirements are curiosity about the life-story writing process and an eagerness to write.
... or even just for old people.
Anyone can learn to see the events of their lives with different eyes, no matter how little experience they think they have. You know your life better than anyone else. Who better to tell its treasury of stories? 

What you can expect in this course
The role of this course is to be a safe space for exploring every nook and cranny of your life. You can therefore expect an environment of respect and courtesy, free of judgement and criticism, where you can hear your voice and let it speak to you.

Besides practicing with tools to establish a sustainable writing practice, we will work towards a rough framework for your life story. Every week we will write and discuss the writing process, including positive, constructive feedback, not about writing ability, but how a participant's story touches us as readers.

Most significantly this course will show you that your life is more interesting than you could ever imagine.

Week 1:  Finding your red thread
Week 2: Exploring your life's themes
Week 3: Working with memory
Week 4: Conflict: the role of emotions Part 1
Week 5: Conflict: the role of emotions Part 2
Week 6: Persona narrator - Voice
Week 7: Scene building
Week 8: Outlining your story

Max. participants : 8

Carolyn van Es-Vines is the author of black and (A)broad: traveling beyond the limitations of identity. She was a regular contributor to ACCESS Magazine, a publication created for and by the international community in the Netherlands. In addition to being an international speaker and Certified Professional Life Coach, Carolyn is an expat wife and mother of three.

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